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  • Affordable Homes Canada and USA

    Hello, I work with companies in Both Canada and USA that offer Affordable Alternatives to the Costs, Quality and Quickness of Construction. See my Website or Houzz KH Designs to see Updates of current projects including Affordable and Tiny Homes

  • Custom Design Vs Pre-packaged Plans

    I have over the years met many clients, contractors and developers who have questioned the value of a custom home. I do not have a single design that I have copied for the simple fact that all of my designs are produced with my clients for my clients. A home is one of the most expensive possessions anyone will have in their lifetime - isnt that worth the investment of a custom design? If you are looking at renovating, adding to an existing home or building from scratch on a bare lot consider how much your home will be worth not only for the enjoyment of your family but for resale in the future. Thank You, Kevin Halchuk

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