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To be able to start with a blank sheet and actually have a home built

to you own needs and taste in architectural style is a dream that many clients have a hard time visualising. Many of my clients come to me with

a plan from a design catalogue and initially state that "this is exactly what we want!" However, once I sit down with my clients and really spend the time exploring what they really need in their house the design from the catalogue is gradually erased. A new home is a chance for my clients to really explore their own needs and their children's needs for a house

they intend to spend most of their lives in. If I design a spec home for a contractor we still look at the home as if it was our own and how it can be a unique design yet attractive to a broad group of home buyers.

Please take a look through the examples on my website

and i will be adding more as they get closer to completion

Thank You,


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