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KH Designs Inc. is a sales agent with DAVINCI Haus for Canada and western USA. This is the Porsche of housing. Once you take a look at the Incredible designs and workmanship you will see it is hard to compare this quality with how most homes are built today.

Virtual tour at DAVINCI HAUS

For more Information:

A Home Built In Three Days

These are of the highest quality and energy efficient prefabricated homes

which are beyond compare to any other system available. An unfinished shell with windows and doors can be ordered or these homes can also be completely finished by the DAVINCI team so that once you open your door to your new home all you have to do is enjoy life surrounded by incredible architecture and quality.

As an agent I can help with finding a local contractor and any design options or changes you may want. I will also assist with getting a full quote

of the product being delivered to your site.


skype:     kevin.halchuk

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