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Honka Structures

I am always searching for alternative, sustainable and affordable building options. Luckily I met Felix Westerkamp here in Kelowna who personally painstakingly orders every part of a Honka structure that he orders. Over two dozen have been built in BC and Washington state. I see a huge opportunity for contractors and developers across the USA and Canada

as this system is installed within days - not months - and costs are very reasonable especially with multiple orders.

These are not just single family homes - Honka supplied the athletes housing in Sochi for the Winter Olympics so multi story resorts,hotels or condos is also an option.

With most of us becoming more aware of the effects of global warming and the annual threat of weather related or natural disasters wiping out thousands of homes, it is time we start think of sensible alternative replacements.

Something Better- Something Sustainable/Green, a Home to be proud of and affordable!

If you have an interest - Contact me so I can introduce you to Felix and get the process going!

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