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 Sometimes a renovation rather than a completely new construction is a more feasible and less life altering experince. It can also take advantage of renovating a building that actually may have some existing character
worth saving or it may have been built long before any existing setbacks which would make a new house on the lot much smaller. In any event, as you will see with the following examples, if you didn't know about the old house a well done renovation hides the fact that there ever was an existing house!
In most cases there are no existing drawings available.
In those cases the house needs to be thoroughly measured and drawn
before any design work can take place. In addition a survey of the property needs to be performed if there is not one on file to confirm
where the house sits in relation to the property lines along with
site setbacks and easements.
 Once that is done I sit down with my client to find out exactly
what they want to achieve with their budget. With my Interior Designer
and connections to several contractors we can design within your budget and provide a construction proposal for you.
Please take a look through the following examples.
Thank You,
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